Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mozilla.lk meetup 2014

Mozilla Sri Lanka, A new beginning to the history. We all know about the phoenix bird. A bird who rise up on his own ash. Why am I referring that ? Mozilla.lk is rising again.

Mozilla.lk had a meetup last sunday (20th of April 2014) at the Excel world colombo. Lucky for me I was able to attend there. We discussed about the future of the Mozilla.lk. Series of events are coming and Stay tuned with the HTML 5 (a hint). Our latest upcoming OS for mobile device, Firefox OS will be launch soon.

Get ready for the events that will follow up with the Firefox 29 release. We are planning to share knowledge with School children, Universities and Other parties.

Stay tuned with http://mozilla.lk for more updates.

Gayan | Lahiru | Kalpa | Pasindu | Ruwan | Danishka | Akalanka | Malinda

It's been a while without any updates from the Mozilla.lk. This is just the beginning of the new era. My self, Gayan, Kalpa Pasindu, Ruwan, Danishka, Akalanka and Malinda had a grate day but we missed some of our members due to their heavy work schedules.

I suggest you to keep both 3rd of May and 4th of May free. There will be a event at XXXX (Sherlock it's your turn) May Watson be with you.

Then We are planning some school events. Let me to give you a hint. It will be Kandy maybe.

That's all for now. See you soon at one of the event. :)

(Malinda - Sorry about overlaying your head)p.s No Sorry about your head. Overlay removed ;)



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