Monday, May 5, 2014

Switching to Firefox from Google Chrome

I used to use Firefox as my primary web browser but everything changed when Google nation attacks. But wait what, I'm switching again to Firefox. So why don't you try new Firefox version 29. It's fast, It's fluid and it's Firefox.

Just try it and you will love it when it flows. Just one exe running and stability is over 9000 ;) And we are expecting a large growth of users with this new User Interface (UI) change. It's not the just UI. also the core is upgraded. We doesn't provide high number of upgrades to increase the version no. We provide upgrades if the upgrade is necessary.

So whats the big deal?

Let's break it down.

The new fluid tabbed layout.

Fluid tabbed UI

You will see how fluid it is. You can Use tabs as you wish. And the new menu. It floats at the right hand of your browser. I use Windows XP as my Operating system. So I got a menu layout also,
But if you are on Windows seven or 8 you won't receive this menu.

Next thing is the new menu. It's easy to use even for noob like me.
Also you can customize the firefox menu by clicking on the [+] Customize button. You can simply click and drag any icon to the menu.

I'm using this firefox as my primary browser and it didn't crash yet. And if I were using google chrome it will show aw. snap page for even for once on this session. And remember it's just one exe running as some folks says.

This is my personal experience on using New Firefox. Why don't you comment below.

Also there will be a school event at Kingswood College on 26th of May 2014. (hint)


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